Why Not Paint and Sip Away This Quarantine The Artsy Way?

Paint and Sip at home

You’d think that with all the restrictions that were brought about by the pandemic and the reduction of the daily activities that plagued our lives we would at least find one thing; Peace. Tranquility. Calm. Serenity. Whatever you want to call it, you name it. We thought that by taking a step back from all the chaos and disorder that is normally the hallmark of our life on this earth, we had finally found an escape, albeit a temporary one. It’s called paint and sip!

Paint and sip

Illusory hopes

We would finally get to spend some time away from that annoyingly overbearing boss, avoid the torturous morning traffic to work, sleep a little longer without the alarm interrupting and finally go for that long overdue family vacation we had been speaking about for three long years but had never really found the time (and/or the money, haha) to actually go for. We would finally get to not have to spend money on dinners or other things in our daily normal life and instead spend that money on a new hobby, or learning a new skill.

Shattered Expectations

Several months later we have just realized to our utter chagrin that no, quarantine was definitely not the answer to our problems. It’s not the sweet escape and beautiful paradise we envisioned. It has turned out to be almost the exact opposite of that. Stress and frustration have abounded while peace has proved extremely elusive to achieve.

We managed to escape the chaos outside and around us, but got immediately exposed and ushered into the chaos within. The chaos outside were doing a great job distracting us from all the turmoil within ourselves. With so many people struggling with mental health this quarantine period, we definitely need ways of at least coping with all that toxicity this solitude is causing us. And Artsy suggests, why not paint and sip away this period the Artsy way?

So what’s the Artsy way out?

See, painting is a form of art, and art is a means of expression. Self expression is a form of release and this release of thought helps in reducing all that mental pressure that drags and weighs us down. When you paint you are able to commit your thoughts to the process and whatever you paint acts us a reflection of your thoughts. You are therefore able to gain a glimpse into your mind, sort of like what you do with a mirror physically which is in and of itself immensely therapeutic.

All art is beautiful art

Whether the end result turns out to be vibrant or dull, colorful or bland, sunny or sad, really doesn’t matter. Not in the least bit. All art is beautiful art and can be appreciated regardless of whether the inspiration behind it is positive or not. Just like there are great joyful songs and equally great sad songs, you have the liberty to paint something pretty or horrendous, it’s all okay. The important thing is that you are able to get creative and spend some of that nervous mental energy on something beautiful and inspiring.

After all, isn’t the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, a piece of art that depicts the image of a man immensely horrified by, the most famous masterpiece in the history of art second only to the Mona Lisa by the illustrious Leonardo? Yeah, you didn’t know, now you know (You should google and read more about that later by the way as you leisurely sip on your finely-aged Chardonnay).

A sip a day to keep the bull**** away

Sipping on your favourite beverage, whether something hard and tough like whiskey or something sweet and smooth like wine or tea/coffee while watching the red glow of the sunset far out in the horizon as a cool, gentle breeze washes over your face is definitely therapeutic to the mind and the soul too. Depending on what your perception of art is, it is debatable whether sipping is a form of art. We at Artsy however do believe it is an art. All the creative effort and energy expended during the making of wine comes from an artistic desire to create and infuse beauty into the beverage. So why not sip as you paint by numbers and create something beautiful as you take something equally nice as well?

The perfect remedy

Paint and sip has definitely helped me to while away the seemingly endless hours during this lockdown period and can definitely help you too. That brief escape into the world of the Da Vincis and Piccassos is extremely liberating. The tipsiness doesn’t hurt either (*wink*). You are guaranteed to feel more peaceful, collected and inspired and who knows? You might just end up being an art connoisseur and/or a wine/whiskey aficionado once you try either or both of the two.  Maybe form a new, fun hobby. Try that out. Put everything and everyone else aside for a moment and then just paint and sip. Join the adventure and lets get through this together the Artsy way!